QuickWall is an innovative, revolutionary product in the field of renovation and reorganization. It offers a practical solution which convinces you for a quick and unsophisticated installation. The multi-functional application for the separation of rooms makes it to an indispensable tool against dust.
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QuickWall forms a complete seal against the floor, wall and ceiling and is because of that very sturdy. It easily adapts to all conditions and leaves no marks behind on the ceiling and walls. Self-adhesive zips provide access to the work space at all times.

Thanks to these characteristics the dust screen can be used anywhere there is dust and dirt and will ensure continuous protection in the same or adjacent rooms, whether it is a business or sales rooms, offices, hospitals or homes.

The application extends to professionals, such as , floor layers, painters, electricians, carpenters,... within the range of reconstruction of buildings, renovation and air cleaning. QuickWall can be used again and again and can be extended. The especially developed angle- and extension- kit offer the possibility to adapt to all situations on the workplace, in a flexible way. With QuickWall you save a lot of time seeing as it is built up quickly and the cleaning of big surfaces after the work done disappears.

Offering your customers and colleagues a high protection against dust will give a professional impression.

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